Dear English reader,

I am glad that you made it here. It means that you are already a bit curious and wanting to find out more about this work. Or maybe you are referred, which is even better.

“SagligimBenimElimde” means “my health is my hands”, so welcome to a new kind of health. Even though this blog is mostly in Turkish, I  do write in English, actually quite often lately. So you may choose to follow the site by email. For example; here is a most recent recipe for a  Winter Warming Stew.  And also I am based in the UK currently and can work in person or online.

A bit of a background:

I am Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), topped with team and relationship coaching training from CRR Global (ORSC). Before coaching, I assumed research and consultancy roles in headhunting firms and worked with many industries and lines of businesses and with many executives. Embarked on my coaching journey back in 2012, and it has eventually shaped into health and wellbeing coaching beginning of 2015.

A bit of my story:

Health and Wellness has always been in my focus, an area of interest. It was also something I had to learn more about, especially nutrition because I have lived with Reactive Hypoglycemia for almost 13 years before starting this blog. I had to read, research and learn about food and nutrition at a level deeper than a regular person. When I finally got over this so said life-lasting syndrome, I had a story to tell and it aligned with who I am and so this blog and my work was born. I love what I do; sharing my journey with others, and supporting them in theirs.

What I do:

I am working with people who are ready to sit on the driver’s seat for their health. Let this be about losing weight (which would mean goodbye to diets with this work), changing eating habits (turning them into healthier ones if you’d like), quit smoking, regaining your energy (which is getting worse everyday no matter what you do), getting better sleep, etc….. I work with you as a whole person, in a holistic way, do not restrict you but rather helping you start getting the “real nutrition”. Both by food and through “meaning”; by moving towards your life purpose or who you really are. By becoming aware of your perspectives that make you stuck and change them, the same for your beliefs, that don’t work for you, for a healthier you, and change them. All so you can live a more JOYFUL life, vibrantly, with more energy and feel fulfilled. And look forward to good things happening in life.


Last but not the least:

You can review some of the testimonials given by my English speaking clients. They are by the end of the page.

There are also some posts in English. Scroll down in the Blog section to find them. 

As I have more recipes in English, I will also add them under the “Tarifler” title.

SagligimBenimElimde’s Instagram and Facebook accounts are active in both Turkish and English.

All the best,


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