Ending all discussions about diets…. And the new way for HEALTH and VITALITY…

pan-zhen-223132 copy.jpgMore and  more I am coming across people who are struggling with their weight, blood sugar fluctuations, or even some ailments of our current days; which are not even actual illnesses, but are quite powerful in shrinking us, drawing us back from our whole and awesome selves, effecting our daily lives hugely, putting seen or unseen limits to our relationships with other people… They are looking for a solution. For sure. We all are.

But what to do, when all you have tried did simply not work out? When, no matter what we do, we can’t be healed from our ailments, or get energised…. or lose the weight as a result…

What to do, when what you thought is the solution, e.g, dieting, limiting food intake, eating only specific kind of foods, just simply do not work?

I see that some continue to do same or similar things over and over again.

I did the same… cut out carbs almost fully, thought the wholegrains are better, had lots of protein, was afraid of fruits…. Whatever I have tried, did not work out for a long time, and at the end actually, at all…. (there is an article here in Turkish about ending my reactive hypoglycemia)

Finally, going through a cleanse, opened the way for me. Healing started. Weight eventually dropped. Energy came back. This was a mostly, plants, fruits, juice and smoothies, superfoods, seeds, nuts kind of cleanse for 6 months. No animal protein, fat or dairy or eggs…. no grains, but quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, rice…

And after it is over, I gradually ended it. Keeping the nutritious fruits and veggies on the top of the list YET never to put myself under stress to quit anything like forever. After the cleanse, the healing, the second phase is to start learning to listen to your body’s needs at different periods in your life as you move, live and evolve along….

The key to health is to love yourself, be with your ailment, whatever it is, and rather than pushing yourself towards a goal that is not even really yours, which actually feels like “rowing against the flow” and start following a path that feels like “you have the wind behind you”. So check how it is FEELING for you- whatever you are doing to heal yourself, whatever your solution is, check that is ALIGNED with the tender and loving you, feel LOVED along the way, not punished. FEEL the FLOW, feel it deep in you that you are HEALING, that you are NOURISHING your precious BODY, and that it is answering you BACK. Be KIND to yourself.


Much love to you all,


2 thoughts on “Ending all discussions about diets…. And the new way for HEALTH and VITALITY…

  1. Günaydıııın:-) Kenara koymuştum vaktim olunca okumak üzere. Bayıldım yazına her zaman ki gibi. Benim “Kendinle Dost Olmak” felsefesine de çooook uyuyor” Teşekkürler Seraycığım:-) > 20 Nis 2017 tarihinde 15:02 saatinde, SağlığımBenimElimde’yle Zindelik, Canlılık, Doğal Sağlık sizin elinizde! şunları yazdı: > >

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