Your health is in your hands

img_3496Dear ones, especially English speaking readers, here is a writing that captures, conveys what this blog is about, what I mean by “sagligimbenimelimde-my health is in my hands”.

Open yourself up to the experience,

The experience of eating,

Enjoying your food,

Being in sync with it;

With your body,

And its needs,

Without any distraction,

Or confusion,

Just like it actually is in its essence.

Think about it like you reset all there is,

Between you and the food,

Just like it is meant to be.

Like you eat only when you are hungry,

And you know what to eat,

And what not to,

And never too much.

And finding, preparing and eating your food,

Is a pleasure,

Is an experience,

And is usually shared or co-created and enjoyed in togetherness with others,

And just enough,

And never too much,

And yes when sometimes less,

Believing that it is ok, too.

.. observe the animals in the nature,

this is how they live all the time,

and it is ok.

Like some produce is available for sometime,

And another one is there for us in another time.

And this is ok, too.

Nature actually tells it all…

imagine your life, too,

Is reset.

Your relationships;

With your partner,

Your parents,

Your relatives,

your work,

your friends,

your life,


coming back to the basics of it all

both food-wise,

and life-wise,






really, really simple


let it all be in a constant flow,

let yourself dance with the experience,

be courageous enough to be with what is coming up,

do not fear,

do not ignore,

do not resist,

do not pass by,

do not assume,

just be with it,

to see what it has to offer you,

instead of looking at the food as something that is harming you,

making you gain weight,

distracting you,

or something to avoid,

and feeling the need to be careful about it all the time,

try seeing it,

and your reaction to it,

as a deep compassionate friend,

very much looking to help you,

and it will free you,

it will be your path to your sovereignty,

your PROBLEM is also your SALVATION.

If food is a problem for you,

then it sure is your way OUT, too.

It is not true for everybody,

But if this is you,

Then here is a new perspective to look at this.

But do be patient,

Do not expect to be it like the crash diets,

One day this and the other you are done!


It is a way of healing,

And like the dis-ease comes in slowly,

The healing will come slowly, too.

Patience, compassion, self-love, determination, faith,

Aware and conscious choices are the keys to your HEALTH here

So may I say, it means, taking the reigns of your HEALTH into your very own hands.

This is what it means when I say “my health is in my hands”,

Or “sagligimbenimelimde”.


Oh, all the times you have put all your energy into being ….

The one that wasn’t even you,

That wouldn’t even serve you to be the best of you,

For you to shine your brightest,

From the very depths of your being.

That wouldn’t serve us truly in anyway, too.


Now let it be the time,

For this real you to start coming into the surface.


Show us your beauty










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