What does your body need?

veins-665093_1920.jpgHere comes another piece in English! Sometimes this is just the way it is 🙂

My “detox craving” came at a time when my body needed to adjust to the new person that I was becoming.


It surely did tell me “Give me a rest”. “SO I can serve you the best!”


When I followed that “craving” I didn’t really needed to restrain myself from eating something, no I didn’t feel restricted at all.

On the contrary, I woke up happily (and happier) every other morning, enjoying the ride, looking forward to eat the food that my body wanted from me – mostly raw, plants, nuts, seeds, … juices, smoothies….. I was nourished from inside out.


When I tried the same routine sometime later, it was shocking to experience how difficult it was and how much effort I had to put into keeping that way of eating all the time!


At some point my body was telling me to have some dairy, some fish and yes some meat, too, and even some ice cream one day ! And if it was my mind that I was going to listen to, well it knew so much, about all these foods how I am not supposed to have them, or at least have them without any guilt. I’d have done it despite myself, I’d think, which would have put me in not so such a nice place or a state where there may have been no peace left in me – with myself, my choices, …. You see where this goes….


So when I decided I’d listen to my mind only and ignore the body, I tried to stick to this plan which I thought was good for me, I started struggling badly, and weight gain came with it as well (to the ones that are interested in weight lossJ)!


My take here was, when I don’t give my body what it needs –timely- I would have some not so healthy “cravings”. The connection is lost, it is like the radio station you are listening to is not broadcasting well enough like while you are traveling in the car –I mean technically, when you hear all these noises and not the music anymore- and you give up listening to this channel although you like a lot, and maybe like the most, and go to another one just because it is broadcasting well in that area, even though you are not really a fan of the music there !


You think it is better than that disturbing noise! At least I am listening to some music, you’d say !!


There are some other options you have here I’d say; you could either put your own music on or turn it off for some time!


That piece of writing came to me recently and I didn’t even finish it in my journal, and will do it now as it comes.


I think I am trying to understand and voice the fact that we are all very strong human beings, with so much power within ourselves than many others telling us what to do! Yes, read, research, get knowledge because when used wisely it is very precious and powerful, and there are so many good people out there doing a lot of work and sharing with us, find them, learn from them.


And then there is you, if they did it you can do it, too! Find your way !


Collect and then there is your personal filter, your body’s signs, and your feelings, and your mood, and your energy levels, and your activity level … How well are you doing? Do you feel joyous and doing what you are doing with ease or even if it is difficult at times, at least with an internal “knowing” and “assurance” of what you are doing it really, really, really good for you and so you are “motivated” or “fueled” from inside?


Well, this is what needs to be checked!


Is what I am doing really helping me to get “WELL” in all of the ways that I am BEING ???


Yes !


Let’s find that out together! If you are ready for the change, let’s find what will work for you the best!


Book your complimentary session NOW and we will find out if we are a good match and you will also get to understand how I work and how this works !!


If you are READY for some CHANGE, go here https://sagligimbenimelimde.com/iletisim/

and send me a request !


With much love, gratitude and WHOLESOME HEALTH!





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